The first step towards self-discovery is voluntarily stepping into challenges. It is a personal journey of getting better acquainted with the self, allowing pain to transform into meaning. The transformation gives room for one’s growth, and adventure sports has created a platform for engagement, flow, positive emotions, meaning, and achievement, and a venue for forming a long-lasting reconnection with nature. Adventure tourism broadens the mindset and freshens up perspectives.

Trippi is backed up by research of a 360-degree enhancement of well-being through PERMA+, the pillars of positive psychology. Studies have shown how the right combination of physical activity and flow significantly enhance the subjective well-being of a person. In a 2016 study by the founder Alicia Leng, she demonstrated how sleep cycles are a huge predominating factor in emotional regulation. She showed how regular exercise and physical activity balances out daylight time and circadian rhythms. In addition, exercise naturally boosts the brain’s neuroplasticity, leading to longer, healthier lifespans.

Adventure tourism is an exciting approach to PERMA+, and Trippi is all about fun, excitement, and challenges, and creating memories of happiness with people all around the world.

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Alicia Leng