The first step towards self-discovery is voluntarily stepping into challenges. It is a personal journey of getting better acquainted with the self, allowing pain to transform into meaning. Transformation gives way for one’s growth, and adventure sports creates a platform for positive emotions, engagement, flow, relationships, meaning, and achievement, and a venue for forming unforgettable reconnections with nature. Adventure tourism broadens the mindset and freshens up perspectives, allowing for the opportunity to flourish.

Trippi is backed up by the latest 21st-century research in neuroscience of a 360-degree enhancement of well-being through PERMA+, the pillars of positive psychology. Studies have shown how the right combination of physical activity and flow significantly enhances the subjective well-being of a person. In a 2016 study by lead researcher Alicia Leng, she demonstrated how the amount of natural light exposure is a huge predominating factor in emotional regulation and circadian rhythms, and also plays a substantial role in psychosis. Exercise naturally boosts the brain’s neuroplasticity by encouraging hormonergic production, thus boosting neuroplasticity and leading to happier, healthier lifespans.

Adventure tourism is an eye-opening approach to PERMA+, and Trippi is all about fun, excitement, challenges, and creating happy memories with people all around the world.

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