SkyCab + Sky Bridge

Fascinating panaromic view of the Mat Chinchang Mountains from the SkyCab.

SkyCab + Nature Walk + SkyBridge (Adult)

Includes a short walk through the steps in a forest to get to the SkyBridge.


SkyCab + SkyGlide + SkyBridge (Adult)

Take the elevator to go from the SkyCab to the SkyBridge. Especially good for people who are not keen on walking much due to various reasons.


SkyCab + Nature Walk + SkyBridge (Child)

Includes a short walk up and down the steps to the SkyBridge.


SkyCab + SkyGlide (Child) + SkyBridge

Very good for small children as the steps in the Nature Walk are quite steep and thus unsuitable for young ones. To top it off, it is also quite convenient and fast.


Private Gondola

Suitable for families and groups of up to 6 persons who want to have the convenience of sitting in their very own gondola. Board at your own time and no need to queue up (Express Lane). Complimentary Entrance to SkyDome, SkyRex & 3D Art Langkawi, as well as time to relax on the rabbit park.


SkyCab (Adult) – Foreign

Individual adult ticket for shared gondola.


SkyCab (Child) – Foreign

Individual child ticket for shared gondola.


SkyGlide (Adult)

Safer and more convenient way to get to the Sky Bridge from the SkyCab.


SkyGlide (Child)

Suitable for young children as the steps in the Nature Walk can be quite steep and dangerous.


SkyBridge (Adult)

Entrance fee to the SkyBridge for adults.


SkyBridge (Child)

Entrance fee to the SkyBridge for children.