Payar Island Beachside

Beach Diving

Whole day trip which includes ONE diving session (additional sessions can be purchased at the site), snorkeling, lunch, and some time on the beach for relaxing and making sandcastles. Hotel pickup and boat transfer included.


Introductory Diving


Payar Island Platform

Platform Diving

Includes buffet lunch, ONE diving session, snorkeling, and a little time on the beach as well. Hotel pickup and boat transfer included.


Introductory Dive



• The package includes hotel pickup, boat transfer, ONE (1) diving session, a packed lunch, some water, and some time to relax on the beach.

• Both beach and platform packages include ONE (1) air tank and goggles. The maximum time for the air tank is 45 minutes. Additional tanks can be purchased at the site.

• The difference between beach and platform diving is that buffet lunch is provided for platform diving.

• The maximum depth allowed for diving is 10m.

• GoPro rental is available at RM150 per GoPro.