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An alternative to a healthier lifestyle.

The decision to live a healthier lifestyle starts with YOU. At TRIPPI, we encourage you to make your own decisions and health choices.


Kayaking in the KILIM KARST Mangrove Reserve.

Relive your instincts as you experience our nature-specific programs. Get a REAL taste of Nature and be in harmony with your senses!


Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Because we highly value our clients, we go to great extents to make sure you are comfortable throughout your activity.

Kuala Lumpur

Flight Programs at KL City.

Flight Programs

Officially launched on December 2019, these certified one-hour programs are supervised by international pilots who are well-trained in handling the big birds. At the end of the activity, you will get a certificate to commemorate your special achievement.

Growth only occurs when you step out of your comfort zone.

Take the leap and challenge yourself out of the norm. The feeling of accomplishment is priceless and extremely rewarding. So go ahead, let’s go on an adventure!


The elements of happiness and positive well-being are discovered in the natural reserves of Langkawi. The iconic UNESCO Global GeoPark status is nature’s well-preserved wonderland from hundreds of millions of years ago. With 99 islands at high tide and 104 islands at low tide, dotted with picturesque landscapes of paddy fields and jungle-clad hills, Langkawi makes a perfect venue for the sole purpose of reconnecting with Mother Earth.

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