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Overcome your fears, level up your resilience, and discover your core strengths through the ultimate adventure.

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Take charge of the one aspect that maximizes neuroplasticity.

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Strengthen your core skills and values through our workshops.

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Challenge yourself through various adventures in the tropics.

Strategic Decisions
  • Uplift your well-being through refined steps based on the science of happiness.
  • Significantly change your lifestyle through PERMA PLUS.
  • Expand your neuroplasticity and the size of your brain.
Live a Proactive Life

Growth occurs the moment you step out of your comfort zone.

~ A.N.

Master the Art of Resilience

Self-acceptance is the turning point towards post-traumatic recovery and growth.

About Asia’s First CHO

Alicia Ngiam is Asia’s First certified CHO (which stands for Chief Happiness Officer). She is also certified in Meaning Therapy for trauma survivors, and she has published two books on positive psychology revolving resilience and exercise.


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